I have no knowledge about music though I like it. Can I still learn it online?

Yes, you can. Passion is the only requisite. Our courses are crafted carefully to cruise you through the hierarchy of levels.

In case of any technical difficulty, can scheduled classes be rescheduled?

Yes, in case of a technical issue, the classes shall be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time later. Please see “How it works section “for details.

What is the duration and frequency of classes every month? How do we keep track of session timings?

The duration and frequency depends on the different streams of music selected. The details are given under each course. Email would be sent in advance detailing the sessions. On logging in you will find details of classes attended and balance classes.

Is it possible to record sessions?

The classes are being recorded by AMPLIFY for audit purposes. The previous classes shall be made available to the student on request and for a remuneration.

Do you supplement the online lessons with study material and notes?

Yes, suitable study material, notes shall be given. We also recommend apt books.

Can we appear for exams though we learn online?

Yes you can. The syllabus is designed towards that goal.

Is your online class portal secure?

Absolutely! The portal uses HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure) which is a secure version and all communication is encrypted.Absolutely! The portal uses HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure) which is a secure version and all communication is encrypted.

Do you offer any group practice sessions?

Plans are on to conduct jamming sessions – both on and off line – depending on the number of students from each location. We also plan to get the students to perform in our annual musical event SENZA.

Do we pay the fees in advance or after classes?

Fees are payable in advance – with quarterly and half-yearly options.

After joining the class, in case of concerns whom do I get in touch with?

We do have a dedicated phone line +91 44 2813 1200 available for contact, apart from email: info@virtualmusictutor.com